Our success stories

Our success stories

Discover the possibilities of working for one of the world’s leading infrastructure businesses

As the world’s leader in the key energy and telecommunications markets and strongly positioned at the high-tech end of the energy and telecom cable sectors, the quality of our products is second to none, but we rely on the skills of our dedicated sales teams to drive growth in the business and manage relationships with our clients.

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Marianna Awad

I started working for Prysmian Group in 2008 in contract management OGP/Offshore & Contractors Dept.

From the beginning I have appreciated the multicultural environment of the office.

I worked with various departments, from engineering to logistics, quality and administration, dealing with projects all over the world and responding to the different requests of our customers.

After few years, I was offered the opportunity to work in sales department and follow the negotiation with clients.

Now I deal with both activities and I have the possibility to see all the interaction aspects with our customers.

My career goal is to increase my knowledge and my professionalism.

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Antonio Nieto

I have been working in Prysmian since 2010. 

I joined Prysmian Spain as a Key account manager for a Spanish utility company.

After six months I moved to Mexico City where I managed the Telecom business within the area (US and Mexico) and I promoted different products in Caribbean and Central American markets.

After two wonderful years in Mexico, I was offered the role of export area manager for OPGW in Middle East being based in Spain.

Now I’m currently regional sales manager for Telecom Solution in Middle East based in Dubai, role that I’ve taken on since the last two years.

From my experience, Prysmian is plenty of opportunities for employees who are looking for an international career.

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"Selling means boosting business development and let customers voice be heard within the organization. That's why we need passionate people about their job capable of deeply understanding market and customer needs."


Hans Nieman

DE SVP Energy Products

EN - Careers - What We Offer - Sell It Program - Our success stories - Storie - Barbara Filoramo

Barbara Filoramo

I’ve been working in Prysmian since 2004, still Pirelli at that time.

I began my experience in the Contract Management of Oil&Gas sector in Italy; after 2 years I took further responsibility to include the sales proposal part, it has been very satisfying for me to work with important key accounts, serving them from the very initial stages of the enquiry up to order acquisition and delivery of the goods, trying to give the best service in all the phases.

In 2014 I joined the Oil&Gas Business Unit, managing the Project Pipeline and coordinating the tendering phase of major multi-sourcing projects, with a focus on Korean and Japanese EPCs.

This allowed me to acquire a broader view of the business with its opportunities and challenges.

Very recently, starting from January 2017, a new experience in the Oil&Gas market intelligence has come up.

An interesting opportunity to see the business from a different perspective and find new ways to support it.

EN - Careers - What We Offer - Sell It Program - Our success stories - Storie - Jose Macia Lopez

Jose Macia Lopez

I’m the Sales Director of the OPGW & Specials FOC Business Unit.

I started my career at Prysmian Group in 1996 as a young operation engineer at Milan´s Headquarter, been involved in process & machinery projects, quality audits and M&A operations in different affiliates.

I enjoyed an experience in the USA as manufacturing engineer at a Medium & Low Voltage plant in California.

I moved to PR Spain as Installations and Systems Manager handling services on several countries…and at a certain point I decided to share/sell my experience and knowledge in infrastructures with customers, moving to the sales team.

I lived different professional experiences under the same Group and I currently enjoy the fact of managing “my own” worldwide business, helping developing infrastructures at more than 70 final destination countries.



We’re hunting talented sales professionals eager to succeed and capable of moving in a heterogeneous market with resilience and a customer oriented approach.

EN - Careers - What We Offer - Sell It Program - Our success stories - Storie - Jenny Bettina Malkenes

Jenny Bettina Malkenes

I’m the BU Product Manager in the Oil&Gas Business Area in HQ Milan, and I have been working in Prysmian Group since the beginning of 2014.

I entered the company through the Prysmian Group Graduate Program, starting with a one-year job rotation in our factory in Norway.

I was subsequently relocated to Milan where I took on the role of Sales Specialist in the Oil&Gas Business Unit.

After about two years, I was given the opportunity to work within the Market Development and Intelligence team as a BU Product Manager.

My experience proves that Prysmian Group is dedicated to foster the development of their employees and gives them the opportunity to succeed.

EN - Careers - What We Offer - Sell It Program - Our success stories - Storie - Simen Amundsen

Simen Amundsen

I am currently a Sales Manager in the Offshore Wind business, working for Prysmian Power Link (PPL).

After joining the first edition of the Graduate Program in 2012, I spent one year in Drammen before moving to Milan to join the PPL commercial team.

I enjoyed a great learning experience in Milan and after three years, I am now back in Norway from where I serve the Offshore Wind business in Europe and the domestic submarine cable market.

The everyday commitment of my colleagues in PPL is an inspiration for me, and it is a true pleasure to be part of such a strong team.

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Why Prysmian

One company. A diversity of talent and geography

It’s an important means of sharing experience, expertise, technical know-how, standards, and our culture and values between plants, countries and continents.

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Why Prysmian

Diversity & inclusion

Promote equal opportunities, increase the value of diversity and inspire people.


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EN - Careers - What We Offer - Sell It Program - Our success stories - Storie - Stephen Szymanski

Stephen Szymanski

I’m the Vice President of the Telecom Business in North America.

The Northern America business makes up about 1/3 of our worldwide optical cable business, so the business is sizable even by Prysmian terms.

I’ve been working for Prysmian for over 10 years and have been in the general industry for 20 years.

Today I’m based in the Columbia, South Carolina area which is adjacent to Lexington, the North America headquarters.

I also spent 5 years working in China in the same role I’m currently on, but on a much smaller scale.

In short, the professional and personal experiences gained living and working abroad were enriching.

In these days I enjoy telling my Prysmian story to aspiring university recruits, professional level employment prospects and new hires.

EN - Careers - What We Offer - Sell It Program - Our success stories - Storie - Yannick Van Den Nieuwendijk

Yannick Van Den Nieuwendijk

Prysmian Group has rich diversity of people contributing all in pioneering the future.

I joined the Group in 2013 coming from a different industry with an economical background and it as has been a true learning experience.

I relocated from the Netherlands to Norway, after my first year, to take on the role as Product Manager Oil & Gas.

After working on the product portfolio from a more business perspective, I was offered the position as Business & Sales Manager, a position I held less than a year, before being promoted to Sales Director O&G for Norway.

My story surely indicates that the Group is challenging and developing professionals within the business.

EN - Careers - What We Offer - Sell It Program - Our success stories - Storie - Borjan Sehovac

Borjan Sehovac

I joined Prysmian Group in 2007 as Submarine Cable and System Engineer and after a couple of years I have been offered a Procurement Manager position in Middle East, a role that I accepted with pleasure. After short time, in 2011, I have been offered another challenge: general sales manager for submarine cable business in ASEAN.

After having achieved excellent results developing new markets and securing contracts in excess of 150muer, in 2013 I have been offered a position of Head of Sales of Medium Voltage turnkey submarine projects in PPLS, UK, following the acquisition of Global Marine Energy.

After only one and a half year, having secured one of the biggest inter-array submarine project, Wikinger, I have been offered a new challenge: Utilities Business Director in Prysmian Italy.

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I think this was the major challenge I have faced in my experience, but with huge efforts we have achieved some important results: 3 years frame contract agreement with Italian Transmission Utility and 2 years Worldwide frame contract agreement with one of the biggest multinational Electricity Distribution company which is based in Rome.Only 9 months ago I have been appointed as Vice President of HV BU. The best 9 months of my professional career. Today I am able to express all my ability to do business together with the fantastic team of HV directors we have in each affiliate.

But I also had lot of fun during my professional experience in Prysmian: I got to know my wife in Kuala Lumpur, although she is from Tanzania, I got married 2 years ago and today we are the happiest family in the world having a 15 months old baby. All this thanks to Prysmian.

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