René Nijland

Technical Sales Specialist Utilities

René Nijland

What is your role within Prysmian?

Technical Sales Specialist Utilities.

3 adjectives to describe your experience at Prysmian Group

Challenging, encouraging and fun.

What do you like most about the Sell It program?

The opportunity to work with a wide variety of nationalities in an international company. Due to the networking opportunities offered at the start of the sell it program a unique situation was created in which we have the possibility to use our worldwide network when we face challenges. This has resulted in a wide variety of solutions provided to and by colleagues from other parts of the world. This way of knowledge sharing defines Prysmian Group, as the name of the company states it is a group. This group never shies away of supporting everyone within the company to achieve a greater goal.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Finding the balance between sales and production is a daily challenge that also shows the great strength of having production facilities right at our doorstep. Due to production being in the same building it is very easy to communicate directly with R&D, cable/accessory and project engineers. Due to this fact we can differentiate as a cable manufacturer, we do not simple offer a cable we offer a complete system.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Working together with our different departments to offer that one solution that our client did not have in mind is the most satisfying feeling you can get.

What kind of training or support do you need to make your performance more effective?

None, also on a local level Prysmian Group offers exposure to such a wide variety of businesses and processes that I am constantly learning. Every day I take home at least five key things that I have learned that day, not only related to business but also to our colleagues there private values and thoughts. This is something that makes the Prysmian DNA unique.

Would you recommend the Sell It program to someone you know and Why?

Definitely, albeit being a different program I in matter of fact made one of my friends so enthusiastic that he applied for the graduate it program. All the three different programs offer a unique look into the Prysmian Group business. The fact that the senior management took such an extensive time to introduce us to all the business segments showed how serious the Group takes these programs. Another aspect that was very important in creating a very pleasant experience has been the amount of time that our customers had to speak to us and to give us feedback. While we listen to our customers we did not only learn what the intrinsic motivation of the customer is but we have also seen what we can improve on as a group. If we combine this information we have the ability to outperform our competition. 

If yes, which is the most attractive element you will describe to him/her in joining Prysmian Group?

When comparing the culture within Prysmian Group to that of my former employer (also a large international company 30.000+  employees) the open culture is one of the most important aspects to join Prysmian Group. I would have never expected that the knowledge sharing and promotion of our brand Prysmian Group would be so deeply imbedded into everyone. To me this is unique and I have never experienced this before in my career. I would advise everyone to join Prysmian Group of he or she is also very hungry to not only get but also share information. The Prysmian Group DNA is unique and based on the transparency amongst everyone.