Balazs Petri

Sales Manager

Balazs Petri

What is your role within Prysmian?

Area Sales Manager, E & I Energy Cables

3 adjectives to describe your experience  at Prysmian Group

Professional, determined, innovative.

What do you like most about the Sell It program?

By participating in the Sell It program I was introduced to the unique atmosphere of the international Prysmian world, where I received an excellent overview on the big picture of our company: what are our capabilities and goals.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Finding out which unique selling points to press to engage the customer and build a truly close business relationship.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Customer satisfaction – when the customer is satisfied than I know I did something what mattered. Also, I believe here in Prysmian I have an important role to contribute to a more sustainable, better future for my child.

What kind of training or support do you need to make your performance more effective?

More market intelligence in my country would be useful. More leads, information on potential customers, statistics.

Would you recommend the Sell It program to someone you know and Why?

Absolutely I would recommend Sell It program, in truth I already did. Sell It gives you a chance to a head start in the company and the opportunity of meeting and building relationships with our professionals around the globe. You never know who`s help will you need to satisfy a customer. 

If yes, which is the most attractive element you will describe to him/her in joining Prysmian Group?

Getting a big picture of Prysmian and the whole industry in a couple of weeks and have the chance to quickly build your network in the company.