Rewards and Benefits

Rewards and Benefits

Rewarding talent

We’re always striving to find the best way to reward our employees through innovative and sustainable compensation programs that foster internal pay equity and external competitiveness.

The Remuneration Policy adopted by Prysmian Group aims to attract and retain talented people with the skills in line with the company’s objectives and to motivate management to pursue ever better performance in compliance with the company’s values and culture.

Our Policy is defined so as to align the management’s interests with those of shareholders whilst pursuing the objective to create sustainable value in the medium to long term, by forging a tangible and verifiable link between pay, on the one hand, and performance, both individual and of the Group, on the other.


Remuneration policy principles

There are aspects that, along with a strong ethos of meritocracy, are the key principles that form the basis of Prysmian’s remuneration policy:

  • Focus on performance: the remuneration of management consists to a significant extent, of remuneration subject to performance conditions, in line with investors’ expectations

  • Appeal and motivation: the remuneration levels are such to attract and retain the key resources for the organization, as human resources are essential to the achievement of strategic objectives

  • Sustainability: our incentive systems develop over several years, in line with the Group’s risk profile, because management focus is on increasing the Group’s value in the long-term, in line with stakeholders’ expectations

  • Transparency and governance: we have a clear governance system and offer a disclosure on remuneration that seeks to be as transparent as possible

  • Participation: we believe that involving people in the company’s success is the best way by which to motivate them to work better and we do so through the share incentive plans.

Elements of pay

The main elements of the remuneration pack we offer are:

  • FIXED REMUNERATION:  is the remuneration for the position held, so as to ensure appeal and motivation.

  • VARIABLE PAY:  incentives always linked to Company’s performance, but customized depending each role and the local rules and legislation

  • BENEFITS:   they supplement the provisions of the social security plan and applicable contracts, to ensure a suitable level of total remuneration

For example they are:

  • supplementary pension plan;

  • insurances;

  • company car or transportation allowances

  • meal vouchers or canteen

These benefits are adapted to local contexts, taking into account the characteristics of the reference market and regulations.

Remuneration Report

Prysmian Group ensures its employees are well rewarded for their contribution to the success of the company.

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YES: Your Employee Shares

We want to incentivise our employees to keep achieving great results for the company, and reward them with a tangible share in our success.

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Global Mobility

At Prysmian, we know that our employees are our greatest resource. We believe that the wealth of expertise they represent should be shared amongst all our offices worldwide.

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