P4 People Potential

P4 People Potential

Passionate and engaged people are key to our success as a business now. They’re key to our success in the future. We recognise and reward people who show real promise, delivering results above and beyond what’s expected of them.

Ultimately, we give our people the support and experience they need to become leaders of tomorrow.

An inspirational environment for people to contribute and grow

The Prysmian People Performance Potential (P4) Program builds on our P3 initiative. It assesses current performance and predicts future success. Talented individuals will be placed in groups from which we select successors to key, high-profile roles across all countries and all offices.

“P4 is the Prysmian Group’s way to unlock the potential of our people… guaranteeing a high level of performance and strong business results. This Program lets our talents grow, making them leaders for the future.”


Fabrizio Rutschmann

Chief HR Officer

The P4 talent review structure

There are three phases to the P4 process:

  • Individual scouting of potential by managers, keeping in consideration past performance and specific indicators of potential

  • Talent discussions as local and group level

  • Creation of talent pools and succession plans

Once selected, we will nurture your skills and talents, preparing people for a high level of performance in increasingly complex future tasks and environments.