P3 Performance Management

P3 Performance Management

The performance of our people is the performance of our business

We believe our people have the potential to be excellent. And when they excel, so do we. That means we get better results and achieve our business objectives with ease. We launched the Prysmian People Performance (P3) appraisal system to assess employee performance uniformly across the whole company (around 7,000 staff), and to improve support for our strategic operations.

Encouraging individual excellence for Group success

The prime goal of P3 is to engage each employee and align them with company goals, ensuring they see their daily contribution as important to the success of the business and have a clear and achievable framework for performance improvement.

P3 allows us to:

  • Align personal and Group objectives: incentivising employees to generate value that benefits both them and the entire organisation

  • Facilitate communication between managers and staff: encouraging open discussion and sharing of results and future action plans

  • Identify employees with leadership potential: allowing us to offer appropriate training opportunities and secure future success

Employees can propose their own goals and agree action plans alongside managers.

P3 implements the following steps, supported by an online platform:


  • Self proposal: employees can propose their own goals and agree action plans alongside managers.

  • Performance setting: establishing clear achievements and expected leadership behaviours.

  • Continuous feedback: clear, constructive discussion between managers and employees.

  • Self assessment: employees have the chance to rate and comment each of their goals, fostering a greater dialogue with their managers.

  • Overall Evaluation: appraisal of achievements against set goals.

  • Calibration: for balance and equity between teams and departments.

  • Feedback: managers meet individually with their team members, give the final-year feedback and discuss development plans for the following year.

Leadership Principles


We are customer focused

Actively explore and understand customer needs. Make customers the top priority and go the extra-mile to exceed expectations.


We think ahead

Consider market trends and strategic goals to anticipate the future. Pursue focused innovation and improvement.


We value diversity

Embrace diversity and inclusion leveraging on the value that it can bring to promote collaboration and cooperation within the organization.


We empower people

Foster a culture of ownership and accountability. Always act as a role model, ensuring integrity and delivering on promises.


We take action

Keep things simple in order to facilitate timely and focused decisions. Balance a short term value within a mid term perspective.


We deliver results

Achieve consistent results, focusing on priorities and ensuring both effectiveness and efficiency in the process of delivery.