“We have created a career program, called Make It, to offer a very distinctive journey to talented engineers who want an attractive career in a fast-paced and dynamic manufacturing environment.” Fabrizio Rutschmann smiles when asked about Prysmian’s strategy to foster the human and professional inclusion of engineers with 3-7 years of experience with the world leader of the cable and systems industry: “With an extensive presence in 5 continents, we offer the best professional opportunities to all the very qualified people who share our same values and ambitions: Prysmian is a solid corporation founded on technological excellence, but made by human beings.”

82 factories, 17 centres of R&D in 50 countries represents the key numbers of a global public company focused on innovation. Prysmian commits about €200 million each year to its industrial investments. It is the global leader in the key market of cables and systems for energy and telecommunication infrastructures.

“People is our main asset. A factory is above all a community” - Rutschmann points out, mentioning as an example of engagement the YES (Your Employee Shares) program, that enables employees to become shareholders at favourable conditions. - “Now, we are looking for experienced professionals who continuously challenge themselves and achieve ambitious goals; people with passion for innovation, high performers and "out-of-the-box" thinkers.

The Make It project was conceived to introduce engineers with less than 7 years of experience into the cable industry – which is new to most of them – while providing the basics of design, machinery and processes specific to the industry. Thanks to Make It, Prysmian Group now hosts 50 newly-hired manufacturing professionals from all around the world.

Make It grants unique benefits compared to traditional recruiting models, according to Rutschmann: “The thorough recruitment and assessment process, world class training, specialized on boarding, and mentor assignments, all delivered in a meritocratic way, mean faster career growth for those who deserve it. We look forward to growing and nurturing a global community of more than 100 people in Make It Program."

"With an extensive presence in 5 continents, we can offer the best growth opportunities to all who share our same values and ambitions."


Fabrizio Rutschmann

Chief HR Officer

Rutschmann also has some suggestions for engineers looking for a manufacturing career in Prysmian: “be humble and ambitious at the same time, be a real change agent without forgetting to remain a people enabler, be resilient to external problems but also keep an entrepreneurial attitude and always strive for the best results."

Join the Prysmian Make It Program and become part of a Group deeply committed to research and development, with an innovative approach.


Fabrizio Rutschmann
Chief HR Officer


Graduated in Business Administration from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, with a specialisation from SDA Bocconi University of Milan, Fabrizio Rutschmann began his career at the Electrolux Group, where he served in various Human Resources positions before becoming HR Director of one of UniCredit’s seven banks. By joining the Pirelli Group in 1999 as Human Resources Manager of the Tire Business Unit’s Italian Division, Rutschmann became Pirelli’s Chief HR Officer in 2006. Since June 2010, Rutschmann has been SVP Human Resources & Organisation at Prysmian Group.