Our Graduates

Our Graduates

Every year, we hire 40 of the most promising graduates and set them on the path to success. With our unique graduate Program that combines an international outlook with hands-on immersive experience and plenty of challenges, you can expect to help shape the future of the industry, not just locally, but worldwide.

Annisa Eska

"Prysmian is located in many different places around the world and this means you will be exposed to a lot of different cultures and ways of working, If you liking trying out new experiences and working with a wealth of different people, this is the place for you, especially through the Graduate Program."

Jenny Bettina

“What I like most about Prysmian is its people. There are some truly outstanding directors, managers and professionals in this company that makes you go that extra mile to make sure that you deliver your very best. Through the Graduate program, Prysmian has been able to attract a fantastic group of enthusiastic young people that are a true pleasure to work with.”

Silvio Albani

Why Prysmian Graduate Program? I was looking for an opportunity abroad in a challenging environment and Prysmian gave me this. I found it with Prysmian.