Sara Eleni



What do you do at Prysmian?

I am currently in my first period of job rotation in R&D. I am working on three different projects about: (a) Carbon Footprint, (b) “Make or Buy” analysis about cleats & clamps, (c) competitor analysis about MV accessories.

3 adjectives to describe your experience at Prysmian Group

  • International: During my daily job I have the possibility to collaborate with colleagues from different countries and to experience other cultures;
  • Flexible:  During the job rotations and the international assignment we need to be flexible and to be able to adapt to different environments and departments;
  • Challenging:  Every day is a new challenge at Prysmian and you always need to find new ways to overcome it.

What do you like most about Prysmian?

I like the possibility to work in different departments (R&D, Operation, Sales) during the first year because you can immediately have a global vision of how the company works, understanding how new products are developed, implemented at a global scale and then sold.  I am also looking forward to going abroad for two years, discovering a new country and a new way of working and living.

What is the best thing about your job?

In my daily job I collaborate with several countries and I like the opportunity to work with people that have different background and experience. I believe that new ideas always come up from culture exchange.

Why would you recommend Prysmian to a young talent?

I believe the great advantage that Prysmian can offer to young talents is the opportunity to keep on learning. During the job rotations and the international assignment different capabilities will be required, at the technical and personal level, and you have the possibility to develop them and discover something new  everyday.


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