Jenny Bettina Malkenes



What do you do at Prysmian?

I work as a product manager in the O&G BU for the Market Intelligence and Development function in Milan HQ. It’s a new function for the BU that was set up early 2017 to be able to facilitate the development and opportunities for Cables Solutions, SURF and PDT.

The work centers around improving the performance of our BU`s through the focus on our product portfolio. We work to enhance our strengths and manage the sustainability and opportunities on medium and long term.

The role is very interesting mainly due to its interface between the market and the O&G products, while internally it offers the opportunity to work with many different functions and affiliates.  

3 adjectives to describe your experience at Prysmian Group

Challenging, Resilient and Grateful.  

Challenging because I have worked in the O&G part of the company, starting in the Center of Excellence plant for Offshore in Norway and continued to the BU in HQ, having to constantly adjust to rapid changes on a multitude of levels in a challenging market situation.

Resilient, due to my colleagues that have always been willing to go that extra mile, demand more of themselves and in the end exceed expectations because they had the resilience and will to go there.

Grateful, because it’s a true honor to work with people who put in the effort to deliver demanding targets and challenging deadlines. To have the privilege to learning from people that have already succeeded in their field and experience their willingness to facilitate the development of the company’s young professionals.

What do you like most about Prysmian?

What I like most about Prysmian is its people. There are some truly outstanding directors, managers and professionals in this company that makes you go that extra mile to make sure that you deliver your very best. Through the Graduate program, Prysmian has been able to attract a fantastic group of enthusiastic young people that are a true pleasure to work with.

What is the best thing about your job?

Working in a HQ role is a great opportunity to learn about the entire company, seeing as you have the overview of the different departments, countries and markets.

Working in a Business Area that is experiencing challenges from a market perspective, creates an opportunity for people to perform at their very best. From a managerial point of view you learn a lot about leadership and organizational behavior in times of challenge.

Why would you recommend Prysmian to a young talent?

The program delivers a fantastic rotation that enables a 360 view of the company from the very beginning, together with a mentoring program that fosters professional development from day 1.

I would recommend Prysmian to a young talent, because the opportunities are here if you take them.

Jenny Bettina


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