Annisa Eska



What do you do in Prysmian? 

I am currently based in Prysmian HQ in Milan, Italy, as Commodity Leader for Drums and Drums Management within the Corporate Purchasing Department. The role of this function is to manage the commodity from a global perspective by implementing strategies having considered our needs worldwide.

3 adjectives to describe your experience at Prysmian Group

  • Development: I’ve had placements in R&D, Operations and Sales in my first year alone of joining the company. And now I am experiencing a new phase of self-development through being part of the purchasing department. You are really able to grow in so many ways in the company thanks to the opportunities available.
  • Challenging: In this company you are always facing new challenges that stimulate how you think and develop solutions. You are enforced to embrace the challenge, allowing you to grow professionally. This also gives you an opportunity to show your ability.
  • International: Prysmian is located in many different places around the world and this means you will be exposed to a lot of different cultures and ways of working. I have experienced working in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in my first year and now I am based in Milan. In addition to this, we are also working with people from all over the world every day. Every place offers a chance to learn and understand each culture and how to work together.

What do you like most about Prysmian? 

The possibility of always being able to develop yourself. There is always something that you can learn and grow from.

What is the best thing about your job?

The exposure. Being in HQ really exposes you to different parts of Prysmian around the world and the unique challenges existing in every area of Prysmian.

Why would you recommend Prysmian to a young talent?

If you liking trying out new experiences and working with a wealth of different people, this is the place for you, especially through the Graduate Program.

The two years I spent in Milan have brought in new values and thoughts into my daily work. After finishing my international assignment in Milan, I’m now back to my country accepting new challenges. This new role as the Purchasing Manager is an opportunity for me and it demands me to be persistent, resourceful and dependable.

Annisa Eska


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