Domenico Policarpio

Sales Manager

Domenico Policarpio

What is your role within Prysmian?

I am a Sales Manager for the Elevator business unit (BU) for Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Scotland, Egypt and Algeria. Lots of interesting travel!

3 adjectives to describe your experience at Prysmian Group

  • Challenging

  • Formative

  • Adventurous

What do you like most about the Sell It program?

The thing I like the most about Sell It is how it creates the conditions and working environment to let you quickly develop your personality and professionalism through the meetings and activities with colleagues from all over the World.  It is a challenge working with colleagues not only with different mindsets thanks to the own cultures and customs but also with different backgrounds, roles and industries within Prysmian.  However, we all have a common attitude which is to focus on sales and our customers.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The most challenging thing in my role is balancing the resources equally, ensuring I am able to develop new markets without decreasing the attention to the existing clients.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

The most rewarding thing about my job is the “thanks” from the clients.

Would you recommend the Sell It program to someone you know and Why?

Absolutely Yes! Because it is the best, the richest and fastest track for a career in Sales, within one of the TOP Italian multinational corporates.

If yes, which is the most attractive element you will describe to him/her in joining Prysmian Group?

Prysmian Group has a truly global “soul”. This also including the best attributes from the Italian mindset such as Flexibility, Adaptability and Problem solving.