Brian Liu

Production Engineer

Brian Liu

What is your role within Prysmian?

I am a production engineer at the fiber cable plant in Wuxi, China. My main job is to support the production team to solve any problems to insure the production lines are working well according to Prysmian quality standards.

Please describe your first year @Prysmian Group, as part of the Make It Program

The Make It Program offered me this position in April of 2017. I came to have my on-boarding training in Milan, Italy.  After one week’s study in headquarters and S.D.A Bocconi University I went to the Prysmian Manufacturing Academy to continue the training plan in Mudanya, Turkey.  I returned to the Wuxi plant in China to follow the training plan supported by the local HR team. The complete training system helped me adapt to the new situation quickly, at the same time, a rapid growing requirement of optical fiber cable from the market required the plant to increase the production capacity urgently. For this reason, I started my first project to improve the performance and reduce the cycle time of the machines together with cross functional department like maintenance and process. This gave me a deep understanding of cable manufacturing and a clear target for my first year which is a challenge but something I am passionate about.

 3 adjectives to describe your experience @Prysmian Group

Leading change/Continuous improvement/Cross functional teamwork

What did you like most about the Induction and on-boarding experience?

The Make It program convened a multinational team from different plants of Prysmian Group.  It gave everyone an open platform to share our experience and knowledge and we saw the unified strategic objective of the group. During the program, we got a series of professional training, including to study in world-class university. That really helped us to improve our cognition and ability.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The most challenging thing of my job is that I will meet a lot of people who have kept working in the same way for many years in the plant. So it’s a hard work to change their minds about how to work. But I have to do so, try my best to help them start to believe and accept new working methods.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Thinking differently to find a new way to help the operators work more efficiently, reduce the labor intensity and the quality risk. For example, promote automated production instead of manual work.  Get people’s recognition and trust and build a positive culture about continuous improvement to ensure everyone joins in.

Why do you think Prysmian chose you for this role? What are your main strengths?

Prysmian launched the Make It program to find passionate young engineers with high talent and unlimited potential. It is the most important ingredient of my career. I am always working with a high sense of responsibility and a strong result orientation.  You need to be a good team player with strong communication skills and a hand-on attitude.

Why would you recommend the Make It Program to a young engineer?

The Make It program is not just training for my job.

It makes me feel more like it is a management plan for my career development. Following the program helps me broaden the horizon and get a better outcome of work.

For a young engineer, the Make It program is a rare opportunity to take the first step to enhance you professional identity by working within the world’s leading cable manufacturer.

Any other comments

I appreciate the surprise given by the headquarters HR team during the program. That is, a lot of distinctive activities organized by them in which we can keep learning with full of fun