Prysmian Group bets on talented young people: seventh edition of the

Prysmian Group bets on talented young people: seventh edition of the "Build the future" recruitment program launched

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Over 150 people recruited in 2017 thanks to the Group's training and recruitment programs
"Young people should behave like a CEO and take decisions based on what's good for the company, " stated Valerio Battista, CEO of Prysmian Group

Milan, Italy   -   09/18/2017 - 5:00 PM

Now in its seventh edition, “Build the Future”, the international recruitment program adopted by Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable industry, aims to recruit and train the brilliant and aspiring professionals of tomorrow.

The new search process is aimed at selecting 40/50 new graduates in Economics, Business, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Italy and worldwide. This year’s edition will bring the number of talented young people of various nationalities who have joined the company through the “Build the future” program to approximately 250. Candidates must have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, be interested and willing to learn, be fond of technology and innovation, be open to changes and able to work in a challenging and competitive industry, be capable of working in teams and possess leadership skills, have a strong desire and motivation for an international experience within Prysmian and have excellent English skills.

The introductory program will envisage for the selected resources an initial training period at the Milan headquarters, in partnership with SDA Bocconi School of Management, followed by a one-year job rotation in the country of origin (R&D, Operations and Sales) which includes a three month warm up period for their upcoming international role and two years abroad within a specific department. The first months will allow the selected participants to get to the heart of the Group’s dynamics and its production process. The subsequent years of experience will allow the new graduates to be fully integrated into the organisation, and thus to make their own significant contributions to business objectives.

The program’s objective, after the first three years, is to assign the roles of junior management or specialist in a technical area, in the country of origin or abroad, according to a merit-based approach based on performance evaluations, personal aptitudes, results achieved and company needs.

Prysmian Group continues to be one of the corporations that pays most attention to enhancing its human capital through a series of initiatives, from promotion of inclusion and diversity to numerous recruitment and training programs which in 2017 have led to the recruitment of over 150 people. In fact, beside “Build the future” the Group has other programs such as “Make it” and “Sell it” dedicated to the best talents among manufacturing and marketing professionals.

For Prysmian, people are a fundamental asset and create value, as reiterated also by the Group’s CEO Valerio Battista, during a meeting with the talented young people who participated in the latest edition of “Build the future. He also underlined the importance of being “open-minded and good and humble listeners, eager to learn from those who have contributed to make this company great, day after day.”

The program is a major opportunity for building their future within a leading company at international level, which allows young people “to behave like a CEO and to be responsible for each and every decision taken based on what’s good for the company, for the people who work with it and the shareholders who have invested and placed their confidence in the Group,” added Valerio Battista.

The search for the approximately 40/50 talents will continue until 31 December 2017, through a thorough recruitment and evaluation process carried out at both the local and Group level. Their integration within the company is planned by the first quarter of 2018.

All the details to apply for the program and the registration form are available on the website, under section

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