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Our strategy

Our strategy

Sustainability plays a central role for Prysmian, which constantly seeks to promote a responsible business model by encouraging the increased integration of sustainability within the Group's growth strategy. Operating in accordance with a philosophy founded on the principles of Excellence, Integrity and Comprehension, Prysmian has consolidated its economic, environmental and social commitment over time, seeking to create value for all stakeholders and contributing to the sustainable development of the territories in which the Group operates.

Consistent with the Corporate Vision, which seeks to promote 'the efficient, effective and sustainable supply of energy and information as the main driver for the development of communities”, Prysmian has consolidated over the years its commitment to sustainability, establishing ever more challenging objectives that open up new horizons for the Group. Always seeking to satisfy continually the needs of customers, the daily activities of Prysmian stay true to our mission with the development of high quality, sustainable products, by investing in advanced technological solutions that enhance the value of our product range.

Leadership in the supply of cables and systems for energy and telecommunications influences the Group's approach to sustainability, guiding the growth strategy on such key matters as sustainable, technological innovation in the solutions offered, the environmental responsibility of production processes, the management of relations with the local communities in which the Group operates, and attention to safety at work and the development of personnel. This focus results in great efforts to improve our skills in the areas of Customer Centricity, Research and Innovation, Environmental Sustainability and Employee Development.