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HSE Strategy

HSE Strategy

HSE policy and constant improvement of the system for managing health, safety and the environment at Group level are an integral part of Prysmian's values.

In this context, the corporate HSE function coordinates and checks all systems, activities and programmes designed to guarantee the health, safety and well-being of employees, as well as respect for the environment. This function also assists senior management in the analysis and assessment of the HSE Management System, and in the definition of HSE objectives for improvements at Group level. In addition, the HSE function helps local organisations to implement their programmes of improvement and investment, having regard for the specific nature of each manufacturing sector and geographical area.

The Prysmian Group continued steady efforts during the year in order to obtain certification for our Health, Safety and Environment management systems.

At the start of the year, HSE gathered, analysed and shared with top management the results achieved in 2014 and the performance of the Group and each Country/Geographical Area, determined with reference to relevant indicators (total number of events involving the loss of work and related ‘Frequency Indicator’).On the basis of the technical evaluations and taking into account the changes and local requirements, the HSE division has set its objectives for 2015. To facilitate this it has also encouraged a series of support projects involving various levels of the company, as described below:

  • making more effective and accepted the process of analysing events and defining corrective and preventive actions: in the case of serious accidents, analysing the causes in detail, both in order to contribute to the management of the cases concerned and to identify from them ideas for the prevention of repetitions at the Group's other operating units;
  • continuing the training provided on specific safety issues: web-based training sessions were provided during the year, while at the worldwide meetings, HSE analysed the results and difficulties encountered during the year by the various Areas and business unit, in order to acquire practice and experience and to present the project and tools organised by the central HSE division, to enable the increasingly efficient management of HSE issues;
  • continuing the support for the HSE functions at Country/Geographical area and unit level in implementing their health and safety management systems and assessing the safety aspects of new investment: 24 safety audits were carried out during 2015, including 4 pre-audits designed to check directly the compliance of local systems with the Group's rules and regulations, and assess their suitability for certification.