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HSE Strategy

HSE Strategy

HSE policy and constant improvement of the system for managing health, safety and the environment at Group level are an integral part of Prysmian's values.

In this context, the corporate HSE function coordinates and checks all systems, activities and programmes designed to guarantee the health, safety and well-being of employees, as well as respect for the environment. This function also assists senior management in the analysis and assessment of the HSE Management System, and in the definition of HSE objectives for improvements at Group level. In addition, the HSE function helps local organisations to implement their programmes of improvement and investment, having regard for the specific nature of each manufacturing sector and geographical area.

The Prysmian Group continued steady efforts during the year in order to obtain certification for our Health, Safety and Environment management systems.

During 2014, 125 inspection visits were made to various factories, of which one quarter were carried out by Prysmian auditors, in order to check compliance with the ISO 140001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements, while the others were performed by the Group’s main certification agency.

Internal auditors also visited the various locations to check on specific topics and other agencies carried out inspections too.

In addition to the numerous training initiatives, the Group has managed and completed many activities coordinated by the HSE function, including active participation in various working parties and on association committees (Europacable’s ECOE Committee, Orgalime’s “Substances Task Force”, ANIE’s Environment Committee and AICE’s environment working party, IEC’s Maintenance Team that drafted the standard environmental declaration for power cables).

The approach to integration adopted represents, in fact, an opportunity to improve and, in this light, operational policies and practices for the management of the environment, health and safety by all operating units will be further developed and agreed, with coordination assured by the Group HSE function. The Prysmian Group uses quali-quantitative parameters to monitor environmental performance and health and safety in the workplace.