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Environmental Responsibilities

Our commitment to the Environment

Environmental Responsibilities

The Group’s commitment to safeguarding the environment and conserving natural resources is expressed not only by the intrinsic characteristics of our products, but also by how our production systems are managed. In particular, the prevention and reduction of their environmental impact is achieved, for example, by the efficient use of natural resources, the optimisation of logistics flows and the responsible management of waste.

During 2015, HSE further consolidated its activities at various levels within the Group (corporate, country or geographical area, business unit, production unit), centralising activities and coordinating the work of the local HSE functions. Group policies for Health, Safety and Environment, as well as the related Operating Procedures and Technical Standards, have been adopted and applied at operating unit level. The HSE function, with support from the Group audit team, periodically checks the effectiveness and proper application of the HSE rules at local level.

The aspects monitored by HSE using indicators include compliance with health and safety at work standards, energy consumption, waste management, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, with reference to the greenhouse gas emissions, the Group has begun to collect energy consumption data in order to track both “direct” emissions (deriving from production processes) and “indirect” emissions (deriving from the energy purchased). This system of monitoring and reporting enabled the Group to participate in 2015, once again, in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which seeks to contribute to the pursuit of the objectives agreed in the Kyoto Protocol regarding the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

See our 2015 Sustainability Report for more details. Or, for a quick overview of our environmental progress, download Prysmian Group Environmental Indicators.