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Association Memberships

Association Memberships

Prysmian’s leadership of the cables sector is further supported by the Group’s membership of the main and most strategic global trade associations. Participation in technical
round-table discussions means that Prysmian can play a prominent role in the definition of guidelines, and in debates with partners and competitors.

Prysmian actively participates in the following major trade associations:

Europacable: founded in 1991, members represent about 85% of the European cables market. The major global players in the sector are all members, together with more than 200 SMEs with a high degree of specialisation.

Friends of the Supergrid (FOSG): brings together technology firms specialised in electricity transmission systems and firms that develop, install, own and manage the related infrastructure, in order to promote the development of a large-scale, pan-European, offshore electricity grid in order to distribute the energy generated by renewable sources.

Norstec: represents the leading global operators in the energy sector, with a view to supporting the production of renewable energy by offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

Medgrid: started in 2009 to study the feasibility of an electricity link across the Mediterranean, between Europe and the wind and solar farms established in North Africa. Twenty of Europe’s leading operators in the energy sector are participating in this project.

FTTH Council: non-profit organisation that seeks to accelerate the adoption of Fibre To The Home (FTTH) technology. Members include manufacturers, system designers, consultancy firms and academic organisations. The main aim of the FTTH Council is to interact with regulators and other bodies, such as the European Union, in order to enhance awareness within the regulatory environment about the adoption of this technology. The Prysmian Group is an active member of the FTTH Council in Europe, North America, the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Via the various working parties, the trade associations develop and disseminate tools for the management of legislative requirements and for the development for sector-specific initiatives, such as the environmental declaration required for cables. 

Europacable Industry Charter
The Prysmian Group signed the Europacable Industry Charter in 2015. This document recognises and formalises the collective commitment made by the cables industry to support manufacturing and development objectives and principles founded on ethics, sustainability and high quality standards.

By signing the Industry Charter, the members of Europacable - aware of the requirements of all stakeholders - agree to defend the interests of their employees, customers, the entire community and the environment. This means going beyond basic legal compliance, to play a pro-active role in the monitoring and assessment of emerging issues, while also finding innovative solutions that improve on the minimum requirements.

The document was presented at the general meeting of Europacable held at the end of April 2015 and made public following signature by the association's members, which are committed to complying with its principles.