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A rigorous approach to Quality helps the company to maintain its world-leading position.


A rigorous approach to quality has helped the company to maintain its world-leading position and made a significant contribution to the company’s continued success. Customer satisfaction is the number-one priority for the Prysmian Group and the company’s quality initiatives include “zero defects” and “right first time” approaches for all customer-related activities.

In particular, the quality of products is tested at every stage of the production cycle and is ensured by strict monitoring, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.

Internally, Prysmian Quality Management System (PQMS), based on ISO 9001 international standard, is designed to support a company culture based on continuous improvement, challenging objectives, effective control and corrective action. It is geared towards increasing the value and success of the business by improving individual skills and efficiency and gradually reducing the costs of “poor quality” and, in doing so, it promotes the sharing of best practice across the Group and encourages employees to question everything and eliminate activities with no added value.

For pursuing the above targets, Prysmian has a dedicated Quality department, directly reporting to the company COO, whose main goals are:

  • providing Group strategic guidelines in terms of quality;
  • monitoring and controlling the correct application of defined rules;
  • supporting corporate functions and affiliates from both methodological and operational point of view.

To comply with this above mission, a worldwide Quality Organizational Model has been defined in order to assure the same focus at country level.