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P4, unlocking your talent!

Talents in Prysmian: moving from performance to potential

P4, unlocking your talent!

We are passionate about people. We believe in people’s potential to be excellent. We invest in, support and empower our people now, so that they can better serve our customers in the future. So that they can relentlessly pursue excellence in all that they do and continue to positively shape the cable industry of tomorrow.

Quite simply, the calibre of our leaders and employees directly influences the success of the business.


As a result, we have developed structured personnel development programmes aimed at creating an inspirational environment for our people to contribute and grow.


Our P4, Prysmian People Performance Potential system, extends the goal of P3 — the process that encourages a culture of collaboration, open communication, constructive feedback, as well as recognition and responsibility based on objective goals — with the aim to create talent pools and succession tables for all key positions, not only on the Group's front line but also for each country and site.

The programme has the fundamental aim of assessing talent and predicting future performance in roles of greater responsibility. The P4 Talent review process is structured in three phases:

  • Individual assessment of potential by managers
  • Local Talent review
  • Group Talent Pools and succession plans


"P4 is the Prysmian Group’s way to unlock the potential of our people


states Fabrizio Rutschmann, HR and Organisation SVP. “Potential is the capability to manage increasingly complex future tasks and environments while guaranteeing a high level of performance and strong business results. This programme lets our talents grow, making them leaders for the future.”





Download the P4 Presentation

Download the P4 Presentation  P4 Presentation