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Experience counts

Experience counts

As the world’s leading cable company, Prysmian Group has diverse groups of employees operating in several different countries and serving customers from every walk of life, every day.

Diversity and inclusion are valued at every level of our organization and are integral parts of our business culture. We work hard to foster an environment where all employees can demonstrate their abilities, skills and experiences, and where they can realize their potential.

To foster an inclusive workplace, we engage all employees and we seek out and value their feedback. Our company is working to conduct annual surveys to measure employee engagement and to identify ways we can be more effective.

In 2013 nearly 620 employees in 8 countries over the world participated to a special survey. The “Experience Counts” survey is part of the Prysmian Academy programs: the aim of the questionnaire is to grasp the perceptions of Prysmian Group employees who have a higher seniority, in order to design and launch dedicated training and development initiatives. Such initiatives will be both at Group and at Local level in order to strengthen the involvement and to value the talent of employees independently from their age.

Why working on experienced employees:

  • The value of knowledge in the current competitive environment is gaining importance for developing competitive advantage and to increase the level of innovation.
  • Specifically, the knowledge of experienced employees represents a great asset and an important potential for facing the current challenges of the market. Unfortunately, very often the value of experience remains untapped and implicit, leaving the such potential not exploited.
  • Therefore, it is particularly critical to unleash such implicit knowledge accumulated through experience in order to value the talent of experienced employees and to allow newly recruited individuals to build on the value of experience to create a new innovative future.

Why working on experienced employees in Prysmian Group:

In addition to what above mentioned, there are some specific reasons for Prysmian Group HR to start working on experienced employees and in particular:

  • The Group is still facing a post merger phase. Taking fully on board the most experienced workers within the group will facilitate this process and the creation and dissemination of a Prysmian Group managerial culture and «doing business way».
  • As in all companies where technology is a core asset, Prysmian know how is in many cases concentrated in some critical know how owner. Facilitating the exchange of know how and best practices is a key issue and experienced workers are a key component into this process.
  • The Prysmian Academy is currently covering with successful programs a layer of employees and contributors within the company. Dedicating attention, plans, specific programs to other populations within the organization may contribute to the health of the organization overall and may help the dissemination of a clear and wide people strategy.