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The Prysmian Group Academy

Linking the future with our people

The Prysmian Group Academy

Prysmian Group Academy, the name of the Group’s innovative initiative in Corporate education.

A key part of our success lies with our people, which is why it’s so important for us to help them reach their potential. Our heritage is built on the spirit of continuous learning. By offering training and the ability to grow and take on new experiences every day, we’re linking the future for our people as well as our business. So to strengthen the leadership skills and technical capabilities of the business – areas that have the biggest impact on our potential – we’re working from within.

We’ve developed specialist programs, tools and initiatives that work together to create exciting opportunities for our people to expand their knowledge and grow with us.


School of Management

The School of Management aims to find, attract, assess and develop talented people within the business, in order to build the management pipeline. It reinforces the Group and Regional networking and it accelerates the integration. In 2015 the School helped more than 400 employees strengthen their leadership skills, creating a culture of shared management and an integrated vision of the business.

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Professional School

The Professional School aims at sharing, developing and consolidating the key knowledge and technical skills on which Prysmian Group has built its market position. Every training is delivered by our experts, engaging more than 100 employees as internal faculty. The professional school in 2015 has involved more than 300 employees from all over the world enhancing key competencies.

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  • Prysmian Academy - Training Programs

    Prysmian Academy - Training Programs

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  • Prysmian Academy - Academy Calendar 2016

    Prysmian Academy - Academy Calendar 2016

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