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Whistleblowing Program


The system of values adopted by Prysmian Group distinguishes the conduct of individuals both inside and outside the company, with its Code of Ethics establishing the principles for everyone to follow and representing an effective tool for preventing irresponsible or illegal conduct by those who work in the name and on behalf of Prysmian.

The Group has decided to take another step forward with the adoption of a Whistleblowing Mechanism, a tool aimed at further improving the dissemination of ethical principles and conduct throughout the business. This mechanism complies with the best practices in ethical and compliance matters, as Whistleblowing procedures have proven the most effective tool for identifying fraud and misconduct.

Employee tip-offs have played a very significant role in uncovering frauds and unethical practices and this is why major international corporations have adopted whistleblowing procedures. Special secure channels will be managed by an independent external company (The Network, Inc.), that has a binding mandate to protect the identity of Whistleblowers and to act as an intermediary to relay follow-up questions and answers as well as information about the resolution of individual cases.

The Group has set up a Whistleblowing Committee specifically for this purpose, which will carefully evaluate the reports, perform specific investigations if needs be and take appropriate action.

The program, available on the Group intranet for all employees worldwide, is currently being launched with a dedicated communication campaign, focusing on Integrity as Prysmian’s top value.

If you have seen or heard something that constitutes serious ethical code violations, you can say it in the open.

Anytime is a good time to get in touch. We offer dedicated communication channels within the company from anywhere in the world.




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