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What links safe construction to power supply?

From resorts to residential and commercial properties around the world, Prysmian low-voltage cables and building wires play a pivotal role in distributing power throughout premises of all types on every continent. Working in support of both distributors and installers, our cables are found at the heart of many state-of-the-art developments.


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11 Jul, 2016

High quality, safety, sustainability to distinguish the new range of products

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21 Apr, 2016

The Group will supply low voltage cables for the Light Rail Project that will combine tram and tram-train systems

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25 Mar, 2016

A new wing of the Italian Museum just inaugurated: the Group has supplied optical fibre and low voltage cables

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02 Mar, 2016

FP200 Gold Rire Resistant cables has been installed for the fire alarm systems in a refurbishment of the Tulip Factory in Redruth

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24 Nov, 2015

The Group supplied low-voltage and medium-voltage cables for the fashion designer’s space in Milan

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18 Nov, 2015

The CPR transition period will start on July 1st 2016

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13 Nov, 2015

Successful partnership for the cabling of the exposition site and several strategic infrastructure facilities

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31 Jul, 2015

Prysmian Group is leading the way to safety. The CPR transition period will start on December 1st 2015

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24 Mar, 2015

All cable installations in escape routes need to be fixed with fire-resistant components

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19 Mar, 2015

Construction Products Regulation has entered the final phase. CE marking will be applicable in all the EU countries from Q2/Q3 2015.

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Afumex embraces a LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) compound technology with higher performance than traditional materials. It has been adopted by all Prysmian Group companies worldwide and indicates the outstanding reaction to fire performance of Prysmian Groups’s cables.

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