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Direct buried cable

Direct buried cable

Dielectric, steel tape or steel wire armoured cables suitable for direct burial.

Cables suitable for direct burial are supplied in a variety of constructions depending on the severity of the environment in which they are to be installed. For example, cables can be dielectric, steel tape or steel wire armoured, protected against rodents or any other forms of potential mechanical damage. Depending on the application various internal constructions are available, such as Central Tube, Stranded Loose Tube, Flextube and Spiral Space. All cables can be suppied in a wide range of fibre types and fibre counts. Any specific requirements can be addressed upon request.                    

Steel tape armoured

Very good protection while maintaining cable flexibility and ease of installation.

Metal-free armoured

Dielectric armoured cables with double sheath. Very suitable for direct buried or duct installation and for areas with high risk of rodent presence.

Steel wires armoured

Heavy protected. Designed for installation in areas where mechanical impact is expected.

Corrugated steel tape armoured

Uses corrugated steel tape armouring for maximum crush resistance.