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Project references

Each FTTH project varies in size, shape and environment. This thoroughness can result in substantial cost-economies in Capex and Opex.

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Italy: even satellites need FTTH

Satellite TV acknowledges benefits of VerTV XS

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Latvia: connecting high density city populations

Latvia benefits from MDU-intensive FTTH solution

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Middle East: King Abdullah Economic City chooses VertiCasaXS

Prysmian and contractor ACES have successfully taken on a project at King Abdullah Economic City. This 173 km² city is being developed as part of an ambitious program to place Saudi Arabia among the world’s top ten investment destinations.

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Netherlands: massive FTTH network thrust in 2012

VolkerWessels Telecom awards Prysmian Group a multi-city FTTH network deal.

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Netherlands: direct buried retractable cable

Netherlands fast access method uses retractable direct buried cable

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Slovakia: now in top 10 for FTTH penetration

Slovak Telekom completes FTTH networks with SiroccoXS blown fibre system

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Sweden: Prysmian Group delivers when weather closes in

Sweden’s IT VÄSTERBOTTEN finds arctic solution

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Switzerland: Energy and FTTH complentary solution

Swiss village FTTH network controls renewable energy

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Switzerland: CERN reduces congestion in LHC tunnels

CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics) extends contract with Prysmian Group

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UK: BT superspeed FTTP rollout

BT deploys Prysmian Group pole-mounted Distribution Points to roll out superfast ISP technology to customer premises.

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UK: Upgrading telephone exchanges

BT simplifies the upgrade of FTTH telephone exchanges with this flatpack-delivered Optical Consolidation Rack

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UK: Property developers say fibre connection adds value

UK real estate developers add FTTH value to new houses