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Studio cables

Studio cables

Draka studio cables for transmitting data directly, online or wirelessly.

Draka studio cables are used in radio, TV and film studios worldwide, as well as for major national and international events. The Draka studio cables product range covers every need, including:

  1. High-precision analog and digital 75-Ω  video cables for connecting switcher and mixer, VTR and monitor.
  2. Analog and digital multi-pair cables for audio to connect studio and broadcasting vans
  3. Robust microphone cables for application in studios, on stage, in the speaker’s cabin or during outside broadcasts
  4. Easy-to-wind speaker cables, light & sound cables, and Triax and Triflex camera cables.

Draka studio cables meet leading specifications including ARD and BBC, AES/EBU, SMPTE, IEC, EN and VDE. This means we can guarantee optimal transmission characteristics and the best electromagnetic compatibility.

Draka studio cables are available with various outer sheaths, including : PVC, PVC rubber, FRNC, and PUR. We also offer an advisory service for pre-purchase information and flexible logistics.

Video 75 Ohm cables

High-precision 75Ω analog and digital video cables for connecting switcher and mixer, VTR and monitor. 

Audio cables

Digital and analog audio cables in accordance with ARD (analog) and AES/EBU (digital) standards to provide perfect signal transmission. 

Microphone audio cables

Draka microphone cables meet both stage applications and professional studio production requirements.

Speaker cables

Draka speaker cables obtain best sound transmission quality, with our high quality speaker cables featuring an advanced DMC FLEX PVC sheath. Round and flexible and easy to wind up and store.

Light & Sound cables

Draka light and sound studio cables with a DMC FLEX PVC sheath provide the best sound transmission quality. Round and flexible, the light and sound studio cables are easy to wind up and store.

Camera cables

Draka triax, multicore and SMPTE 311M camera studio cables are highly reliable in data transmission and guarantees good qualitative pictures.

Studio connecting cables

Draka studio connecting cables with coaxials and power elements. A special VAN cable (Video-Audio-Power cable) with two standard coaxial elements, three audio pairs and three power supply cores also available for special applications in studios or OB vans.

Studio data cables

Draka studio data cables are designed and optimized for stage, studio and broadcast applications.