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CATV-/ Antenna cables

CATV-/ Antenna cables

Draka CATV-/Antenna cables to transmit high quality data to TV and new multimedia applications. 

New applications in CATV networks such as broadband internet and services are a challenge for network providers because they require high-quality cables in all network layers, particularly regarding screening classes, attenuation and long-life cycle.

Draka-branded CATV cables benefit from long lasting experience in the development and production of cables throughout the TV transmission chain, from the TV studio, over trunk lines and via satellite, to the viewer’s home, office or other location. Because of this, Draka-branded CATV cables are the first choice for reliable and future-proof CATV networks. The Draka-branded CATV cable range covers the following applications:

Drop cables

CATV-/Antenna Drop cables are used in private and commercial TV signal distribution networks and as antenna cable for terrestrial and satellite broadcast systems.

Trunk cables

CATV-/Antenna Trunk cables are used in trunk lines of CATV and broadband networks between headend and subscriber termination point. They are suitable for direct buried and duct laying.

Country specific cables

Some examples of our drop and trunk cables according to some country specific requirements.

Cabelcon connectors

Certificates for Draka cables from connector manufactures.

PPC Connectors 

Certificates for Draka cables from connector manufactures.