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Automation data cables

Automation data cables

Draka branded automation and control cables for advanced office and factory networks support the latest ERP, process control and automation solutions, and the new generation of TCP/IP-based industrial applications.

They enable operational excellence in everything from quality and stock management to eliminating waste, integrating business systems, and automating processes.

Automation data cables

product name cross section Outer sheath Oxygen Index Smoke emission HCL emission Fire retardance
JAMAK® PVC, grey no limit 90% > 25% IEC 60332-1 EN
JAMAK®-HF LSZH, grey > 30% 10-20% 0,5% IEC 60332-3C EN
JAMAK®-C LSZH FRNC, grey >30% 10-20% 0,5% IEC 60332-1 EN
JAMAK®-ARM PE, black no limit 90% >25% IEC 60332-1 EN
NOMAK® PVC, grey no limit 90% >25% IEC 60332-31 EN
NOMAK®-E PVC, grey no limit 90% >25% IEC 60332-31 EN