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Reference cases

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BIW Cable Systems

Draka Cableteq USA, through its BIW brand of cables, is a well known supplier of reeling, festoon and spreader cables in North America and Asia. Draka Cableteq USA provides cables in accordance with UL/CSA. In meeting these demanding standards, Draka Cableteq USA’s BIW Cables have become the choice of OEMs globally.

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Ceres Terminal Amsterdam

For the new container terminal in Amsterdam, Draka delivered the MV-Reeling cables for 9 ZPMC container bridges. The decision for the "streamlined version" (N)TSCGEWOEU was made in order to save weight and increase the capacity of the monospiral reel. The cables were produced with integrated optic fibres for data and signal transmission.

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CTA Container Teminal Altenwerder, Hamburg

In 2001, Draka started to deliver a special MV-Reeling cable for the new RMG-cranes to the Altenwerder Container Terminal . With the global change to automation of container handling, there was a demand for better equipment to support these cranes.

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Felten & Guilleaume

The reference list includes deliveries from 1985 to 2004. Draka acquired the rubber cable activities of Felten & Guilleaume in 2000. The F&G rubber cable production had a long history of producing special rubber cables for reeling applications in harbors, surface mines and other industrial applications.

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Pasir Panjang Terminal PSA Singapore

Speed: 70 m/min. 
Track length: 40m

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Crane cable - Yangshan Deep Port Phase I + II

In 2005, Draka Cableteq USA and our Partner Westing Industrial Supply started to equip the 10 ZPMC and 3 SPMP cranes for Phase I. Phase II is the first project that is equipped with fexible cables from our plants in USA and Germany.